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  Clio 172 Cup
Hi all,
car has recently developed a misfire and stinking of rotten eggs. Changed spark plugs and all was well until the engine warmed up and went back to misfiring.
I've had a read through the forums here and all point towards HT leads, coil pack or injectors.
Had a spare set of leads, coil pack and fuel rail+injectors so chucked on the HT leads and coil pack on first. Again, was fine until engine warmed up.
Disconnected injectors one by one and disconnecting 1+4 had no effect on the misfire whereas the engine nearly stalled when pulling the other two injector plugs.
Changed fuel rail and injectors and ran smooth until engine warmed up and exact symptoms as before. Only code I got throughout was the multiple cylinder misfire.

My thoughts on what to check next is

Lambda readings with OBD2 reader
check resistance of connections from ECU to coil pack.

Can anyone give me some help or advice?
  Clio 172 Cup
Did the lambda readings yesterday:

Sensor 1: flat line ~0V
Sensor 2: flat line ~0.3V

Also noticed my engine management light flashing so ran it through a code reader yesterday and got the code P0351 "Ignition Coil A Primary/Secondary Circuit".
That would explain disconnecting injectors 1+4 not affecting the misfire.

Resistance reading from ECU pin1 to coil pack connector = 1.6Ohms
from ECU pin32 to coil pack connector = 2.3Ohms
I've read that both should be <1Ohm.

Does this mean I need to replace my lambda sensor and that the wires from ECU to coilpack is damaged?