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  1. T

    1.2 16V Issues - Any Ideas? (Sorry for long post)

    Hi guys, got a bit of a weird issue with my Clio right now. It's an 07 1.2 16v Campus. So, it all started when I was in 4th gear at a high rpm (around 5ish). After this it did not want to go up anymore revs and the check engine light started flashing at me. Pulled over and gave it a look over...
  2. I

    Help!! dreaded trans gremlins.

    Bit of background for you all: 2009 200 FF Gearbox rebuild @ KTEC Sept 2017 New clutch, release bearing at same time. Major service at KTEC October 2017 (72k) Current mileage 88k. Since bought, there’s always been an intermittent grinding from under bonnet. Goes away when clutch is in so...
  3. ellisg93

    A Series of Electrical Issues

    Really need some help please! Have some electrical issues that i'm struggling to diagnose as i'm brand new to these cars. - Passenger window - doesn't go up or down... I've replaced the switches both sides as i've heard this is a common issue. Before I did this, I did manage to get it to go up...