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Help!! dreaded trans gremlins.

  Clio RS200
Bit of background for you all:

2009 200 FF
Gearbox rebuild @ KTEC Sept 2017
New clutch, release bearing at same time.

Major service at KTEC October 2017 (72k)

Current mileage 88k.

Since bought, there’s always been an intermittent grinding from under bonnet. Goes away when clutch is in so I’m thinking diff/driveshaft? Was there before rebuild and is still there after. I mention as I’m not sure if linked. KTEC mentioned it could be single mass flywheel.

Got the standard 3rd and 4th gear synchro fail on upshift so went in for gearbox recon.

Recently, the unpleasant grinding noise returned (or so I thought) during 2nd - 3rd and 3rd - 4th up shifts. That was last Saturday. KTEC had a look over and test driven by numerous people, only to find no issue (or at least can not replicate issue).

After contemplating on drive home, I decided to check if it was still there and it definitely was. 6.5k+ revs seems to be the condition where it occurs, again, only in 3rd and 4th gears.

I decided to not shift, but depress clutch as if going to shift (basically top of 2nd, clutch in as if ready to go into 3rd), and without touching the gearstick, the noise was still present. I can only describe it as a very faint synchro crunch - it sounds very very familiar which is why I throught the issue had returned. Since numerous people drove my car and couldn’t get anything out of it - I’m thinking the issue is clutch side, and linked to driver error rather than mechanical.

Has anyone had anything similar, or have any ideas of what it could be? So far, attempts to record noise have failed as cat-back is too loud, relatively to the transmission noise.

Any help would be appreciated as I’m pretty stumped.