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  1. Kempy83

    Bike ITBs

    Hi. Has anybody put GXSR of Fireblade itbs on their engine? If so which diameter were they? Was there a conversion kit? What else required etc etc? Cheers
  2. D

    Clio 172 Project

    Hey All, The wee Clio has been transformed after many moons off the road. Many thanks to Nick Benton, Pure Motorsport for such quality products and his tireless counsel. Clio expertise is scant in NZ - the project would have been a random walk without him. Here is the tale of the tape ...
  3. Nathan Evans

    Clio 172 cup rally/race/track car

    ] A few months back now I bought a msa logbooked clio rolling shell. The plan was to buy a donar car for the engine and brakes and make one car out of the two. I ended up buying this 172 cup off eBay, it had bucket seats, coilovers and sabelt wheel. But I got offered to much profit on the...