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Clio 172 Project


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio Sport 172
Hey All,

The wee Clio has been transformed after many moons off the road. Many thanks to Nick Benton, Pure Motorsport for such quality products and his tireless counsel. Clio expertise is scant in NZ - the project would have been a random walk without him.

Here is the tale of the tape ...

PM/Bilstein coilover kit
PM wishbone kit - strengthened and bearings
PM rear axle stiffening and bearing kit
PM bump-steer kit
PM roll-centre correction kit
PM quick rack
PM A/C and PS delete with lightweight pulleys
Laguna hubs with PM camber strut plates
PM Brembo four pot and 300 mm disks with DS300 pads
PM Tilton pedalbox and bracketry
Tilton bias adjustment
Quaife ATB diff
K-Tec brake ducting
PM stud conversion
PM Strut brace
DTA Fast S40 ECU
Cams 438
Group N clutch
Lightened flywheel
PM oil catch tank, breather plate and coil relocation bracketry
PM fabricated aluminum radiator with Comex fan and controller
Oil cooler
Forge coolant hoses
Competition engine mounts
PM racing gear linkage
Cartek PDM and battery isolator
Whiteline rear swaybar
OBP hydraulic handbrake
ATL D-Cell fuel tank
Racetech Dash2Pro
XSport Racing kevlar/carbon bonnet, boot and doors
CM Composites dash and rear spoiler
Gearbox casing strengthening
Speedline 16" Turinis
Lexan MR10 windows - doors and rear quarters
Plastics4Performance tailgate
Heated front screen
Sabelt seats and harnesses
Sabelt RenaultSport steering wheel
Brake replumb
Fuel replumb

Has c.187 whp and weights c.905kg without fuel (and me). Happy with power, thought it would weigh less.

A few photos attached.

Importantly, in need of tuition to get the best out of the wee thing.



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When you follow a build thread and see a car go from s**t to holy s**t it’s a great process to see...

But when you open a thread and see the long list of new parts... THEN see the pictures of said list... astonishing build! Looks great!

Oh and not to mention, the felled money tree would be a little hard for me to reach as you’re half way around the world


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio Sport 172
Nice! How do you find the suspension and what spring rates did you opt for?

Hey Tommy,
The car handles brilliantly on the track - fairly firm en route ... acceptable though. Still finding its measure (or vice versa). Haven’t done oodles of track work. The PM Bilstein coilovers are sprung 500lb at front and 375lb ... I think. Understand it is a safe set-up ... rear not too lively. Another guy in NZ has almost the same set-up and loves it ... believe he has a progressive spring on the rear though - probably sensible as some local tracks aren’t billiard tables. Apparently he demolished a field of powerful cars in the wet, having been mid-teens in the dry. Have a chat with Nick Benton ... cannot speak highly enough of the man.

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  182 trackcar, XC60t6
Awesome. Your old 182 is happy in my shed thanks Dave. Must weight it as it’s been on a heavy diet!!

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ClioSport Club Member
  Clio Sport 172
Awesome. Your old 182 is happy in my shed thanks Dave. Must weight it as it’s been on a heavy diet!!

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Keep me posted. I miss the wee thing. Considering buying another.

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  172 Cup
Thanks for getting back to me! Found it hard to find people with those rears, but going off what you and Nick said thats what I have opted for as a starting point :)