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  1. dentillozie

    Best place to find quality new or refurbed calipers?

    Hi all! Im looking to refresh the brakes on my Clio 172 Ph2. Id prefer to buy new (if they are even possible to find) or already refurbished calipers + brackets. I saw a lot of calipers on autodoc but most, if not all, are refurb and i dont know if they are good quality or not. could someone...
  2. Racky

    Snapon diagnostic help

    Hi all. I know it's not related to the Clio's but I will try my luck to get some help here :smile: . As I am very lucky with my cars, now my Laguna GT needs a new rear actuator for the 4wheel steering. Renault quoted me silly money for a new one, so got one from someone that was breaking a GT...