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  1. MaxB

    Slight Hesitation - Fuel trims?

    My car sometimes has a slight hesitation at around 2-3k and I've been trying to work out what may be causing it. I haven't had a chance to log any data when it's done it yet but here's an example of the fuel trims and o2 sensor values when just idling. Can anyone notice anything out of the...
  2. J

    EML For Emmissions - DF093

    Hey guys, I have got a Mk3 Clio 1.6 GT and it had the EML on for upstream lambda sensor for a couple of weeks, i got that changed when I had the cambelts done but now I am getting the error code DF093 which is downstream lambda sensor but this has also been changed in March. Should note too...
  3. HardacreA

    EML Pre-Cat won't go away

    Took my car for it's MOT couple of weeks ago which failed on emissions and the CO/Lambda was out, assumed this was the pre-cat lambda. I got that replaced with one I had (Bosch) and the print out from the garage that replaced it looked normal again (0.04 out on CO cause of aftermarket CAT). Went...
  4. R

    Clio 1.8 16v, High idle issue

    Alright so my clio is finnally on the road. Ive been under the car more times than i can count over the past weeks, managed to problem solve along the way but theres a problem with the idling Once ive gone over 4000rpm ( roughly ) The rpm will only drop to 1500 not to the 1000 its supposed to...
  5. C

    Lambda sensor question

    Hi everyone! I have one tiny question for the Clio 182 Are the front and back lambda sensors exactly the same? If not, what's the difference? Cheers
  6. Andy_in_Ireland

    using resistor on front Lambda sensor?

    Hello - I have heard of people putting in a resistor on the plugs of certain senors to fool the engine and make the orange engine light on the dash go out , can this be done with the Lambda sensor (pre-cat/front)? if so what size resistor is needed and (there are 4wires to the Lambda - pretty...
  7. S

    MOT Failure - Emissions - Please help!

    Hi all. Took my 2005 1.2 16V Clio to get tested today and it failed on the emissions: "Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive (2.92) [7.3.D.3]" "Exhaust emissions lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits (0.91) [7.3.D.3]" The results were...
  8. S

    Mk2ph1 1.2 d7f to mk2 ph2 1.6 k4m

    So my 1.6 failed it's MOT on emissions today. They said it was blowing, the engine was misfiring and the lambda (rear) sensor needs replacing. It has a power flow exhaust. I can deal with the hole easily but I want to know if any parts can be transferred from a 1.2 8v d7f engine. My first...
  9. lordyjordy

    Clear Fault Code Stockport/Manchester - Solid Emissions Light

    Hi all, My car recently started stinking of petrol and the engine would lose power if I accelerated. I quickly found out that the coil pack and lambda sensor were on the way out... Anyway, I bought new parts (for half the price Renault quoted) from EuroCarParts and fitted them last night. The...
  10. MrBlonde

    172 Cup Lambda

    Looking to change the Lambda sensor on my Cup,not sure which one I need from GSF as there is a few listed,any help please on which one I need? My cup is a 53 plate if that helps.
  11. L

    Lambda Sensor wiring issues ...

    I have a 172 and i have had the engine out of it this weekend, and in doing so the wiring was pulled from the back of the Lambda sensor... Anyone got any idea of which colour wire goes into A, B , C , D on the back of the connector? or a picture of the connector on their car? Cheers
  12. Duk

    Oh god please not the injectors

    So I have a clio 172 2003. A few months ago the emissions warning light started flashing. There was no detectable change to the emissions when probed, nor were there any detectable effects on performance. Later, the warning light went off and everything was fine for a few weeks. Yes, that's...