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  1. dentillozie

    carbon canister venting dust into inlet manifold?

    Hi all, im wondering if its common for the carbon canister to fail? Failing as in venting carbon dust into the inlet via the vent hose... I recentlyremoved the upper inlet on my ph2 172 and found enough black stuff to be worried about. It seems to come (or go) from the breather pipe on the...
  2. JKeillor94

    Exhaust gasket

    Need to change the exhaust gasket on my 2011 mk3, it sounds like its leaking air. Is it a pain in the ass to do? 1.2 16v non turbo (D7F engine)
  3. C

    Bolt sizes

    I need to replace the engine cover bolts and the inlet manifold bolts, what sizes are they?
  4. B

    lumpy and juddery idle HELPPP!!!

    hi, this is the first post I've done on here but I've had the account a while cause its fun looking at peoples build threads to get ideas, but anyways back to the main issue.. a few months ago i was driving back from work and all of a sudden the engine management light started flashing and the...
  5. Carlos_2017

    172 decat pipe

    Hiya lads/ladies, Any suggestions on how to get to the spring bolts from the manifold to the cat? I have very limited space and no access to ramps :( I can just about get to them, but it’s a right ball ache! Any help will be greatly appreciated! Cheers Guys!
  6. Carlos_2017


    Hi everyone, Only me again, with the simple questions. Will I need to change my manifold on my 172 in order to decat? I mean, I have a decat pipe and recently ordered a stealth system, but have no idea whether everything will match up Cheers, Carlos.
  7. A

    Renault Clio 182 2004, very rich idle problems only, LIVE DATA ADVICE NEEDED

    Hi Folks, newbie here. Somebody out there must be able to answer this question. I have a very rich - poor idling Renault Clio 182. Everything else apart form this, is absolutely spot on. well - from what i can tell anyway. I am wondering if anybody out there can answer some live data...
  8. Lokkdogg

    182 exhaust manifold advice

    Hi, I've got a 182. ive got a blown exhaust at the downpipe the flange has rusted. Am I better to replace the manifold with another Renault one or has anyone bought the toyosports one from eBay ect? I don't want to spent a fortune but I think £170 is fair for a manifold and Decat? Advice...
  9. Jack!

    Removing starter motor

    If you go through the top removing the exhaust manifold, what else do you need to undo to be able to push the manifold itself back and get more room between the head and the manifold? I need good access to the starter...
  10. CDES

    172 Manifold

    Looking at getting a de-cat system set up on my 172 Clio, how do I tell there difference between a 172 and a 182 manifold? Seems difficult to track down a decent priced 172 de-cat pipe but loads of 182 de-cats on ebay etc? So I'm hoping mines has a 182 manifold on it already.