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182 exhaust manifold advice

Hi, I've got a 182. ive got a blown exhaust at the downpipe the flange has rusted.

Am I better to replace the manifold with another Renault one or has anyone bought the toyosports one from eBay ect? I don't want to spent a fortune but I think £170 is fair for a manifold and Decat?

Advice please as I need to get this sorted ASAP, thanks.


ClioSport Club Member
In which way are the crap?

Have a search mate - Toyosport have an awful reputation. It's cheap crap.

If I was you I'd find a decent exhaust place and see what they can do or replace with OEM parts.

Changing the manifold is quite labour intensive on these cars so the last thing you want to do is have something fitted only to need it removing a few weeks/months down the line.
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As above. Avoid Toyosport s**t.

Any custom exhaust place will be able to make a joint up to replace yours. Be it sleeve or similar. Won't cost much at all.