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  1. K

    Clio Williams Subframe Widetrack

    Hi, Im new here, I have 1993 Clio S with a Volvo 480 turbo swap and I want it to have Williams Front Track, Does the Subframe Add up to front Track or is the wishbones that makes it wider. I will leave it here some pictures of my Clio
  2. J

    Mk1 kangoo 182

    More pics coming soon but this is my kangoo 182
  3. vdk chld

    Clio Mk1 16v issues getting 1st/2nd gear engaged, thoughts?

    After any thoughts about a gear selection issue I'm having, know issues, common faults etc. Here goes: Stationary and trying to select 1st, pretty my a no go, Stationary try to select 2nd, pretty much a no go, Stationary and try to select another gear, not tried yet. Stationary try to select...
  4. J

    Mk1 clio

    Does anyone know if you the gearbox from a mk2/mk3 would fit onto a Mk1 engine? Cheers.
  5. T

    Mk1 engine swap

    Hey there, I've got a 1.4 currently and I want to upgrade it to a bigger sized engine ( with eventually a supercharger ). I have seen some people talking about a megane or clio 1.8 but i never found someone that actually swapped it. Anyone with experience or advice? Thanks, tom
  6. C

    Help! Clio mk 1 suspension

    Ok so I have a Clio mk1 a 96regards and I really need help with the suspension because it's horrendous... Body roll on corners I feel like I'm on a boat but can't find were to get it sorted. Any help please?
  7. tomhunt85

    Project Valver

    Hi, Well, I've been without a Clio for a whole 9 months now after swapping the RB 182 Cup for a 225 F1. I've had a couple of 172's as well as the 182 and 225, but always had a Mk1 itch that I needed to scratch. Would love a Williams, but I don't have £5k to spare on one sadly. I've toyed with...