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  1. TheBandit

    The Bandit | Monaco 172

    After lurking for 7 years I have found myself in a position to do something stupid with my money. I could invest in a OEM spec Clio, keep it tasteful and sit on it as an 'investment'. Or buy something outrageous and hopefully have a lot of fun... The spec sheet is on the forum from some old...
  2. ZFJ Ben

    French import Monaco

    So last month I finally bought myself a Monaco 172! Ever since I had my 1.2 I knew that a RS would be my next car. After working many hours washing pots and serving in a pub, I could finally buy and insure my very own 172 at the age of 18!!! Picture below is at the services on the way home old...
  3. t90_lle

    172 & 182...

    A couple images taken at my local Sunday night meet of mine and @182_steve car... Great colours on both!!
  4. LeeRS

    monaco 172 at curborough 29/12

    Looked nice and tidy. Noticed the sticker in the back window.