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French import Monaco

So last month I finally bought myself a Monaco 172! Ever since I had my 1.2 I knew that a RS would be my next car. After working many hours washing pots and serving in a pub, I could finally buy and insure my very own 172 at the age of 18!!! Picture below is at the services on the way home old and new :up:

I've already done some bits on it already;
- Clear side repeaters
- 1.2 plastic door handles and mirror switch surrounds
- Standard radio and reconditioned the clock screen
- New washer motors (as neither worked)
- Exhaust bushes

So whilst I was doing bits to the car I realized all the papers and the writing on the car was in french, yes I know its a Renault but my Dad was telling me that back when he worked at Renault (1998-2003) that people would order cars from french dealerships and spec them as right hand drive cars. Dad said that one of the give away was the red sticker on the windows saying to register the car when you buy the car. And my car does not have these. Therefore I suspect that my car is a french import.
Are my suspicions correct and is there anyway of confirming them?
If so any other imports on here:wink:
  RS 200 CUP
Do you mind me asking how much insurance is costing at 18 and who with? Lovely looking car but not sure about the import thing
  RS 200 CUP
Cheers she's had a good clean since I bought her, so I'm with admiral and I'm very lucky and paying £1600, took alot of haggling but thats where I got it down too.
Nice, I'm with admiral at the moment so might have to give them a call when I'm due to insure my 172 and see if I can get it down any more. :)