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new car

  1. Con.SW

    Back in a 182!

    Hi all, bought another 182 the other week after missing my inferno so much and im over the moon! In two minds to do small things to it or just leave it as it is? Not sure but can't wait for better weather! :)
  2. S

    New Aussie Clio 172 owner 🇦🇺

    Hi from Australia everyone, I just recently purchased my first Renault (a 2001 Clio 172 non cup). It has 127,000 kms (approx 79,000 miles for everyone else in the group). Its due a timing belt and has a rough idle on startup but other than that is in very nice condition. It does have a sticky...
  3. G

    New clio owner looking for advice

    Recently just bought myself a 2008 renault clio 1.5 dci dynamique and I am looking for a site that sells some "tasteful" modifications, also interested in what others might think I should do to the car to make it stand out from a crowd. Planned mods and additions: Induction Kit (Advice needed)...
  4. B

    My New Clio 182

    Hi all, So I’m new to this forum, I just got a Clio 182 after having a mk2 golf. This is very different. As you can see I’ve got a few mods : air filter, miltek exhaust and uprated engine mounts. Would love some advice on maintaining the car as it’s got 77k miles full service history and most...
  5. M

    Need advice to choose new Clio

    Hi I’m currently residing in Warsaw Poland. I’m planning to buy Renault Clio but in a confusion of choosing the below. 1. Engine with 1.0 TCE manual(3 cylinder) or 1.3 TCE automatic (4 cylinder) 2. Adding easy park feature is worth or not ? 3. Multi sense worth or not ?
  6. WhiteClioCup

    Greetings fellow baguette heads. New Member Intro

    Hiya! I've finally managed to save enough to get my own RS2 a couple months ago and I'm absolutely in love with the way he handles, sounds and looks! I've never been so passionate about a car before. So much so i've named him 'Chip'. Problem is I've ended up going on a slight rampage on my...
  7. T

    New to ClioRS

    Just bought my first clio sport 182! Had a few Audi’s but it was time for a change!
  8. G

    Anyone recognise CA04 YCX

    All, I am due to collect CA04 YCX this week. Anyone aware of the car or previous service history/owners? Service book at the moment is in lock up and cant be found by current owner, but I am told 7 main dealer stamps and a few private stamps exist as the service history. Recent receipts...
  9. S

    Entered the club

    Just brought a Clio197, 52k miles. Nice drive home from picking it up. Never drove or been in one before, so a fun experience.
  10. S

    Clio 182 newbie in Newcastle

    Hey! Just bought my first 182 at the weekend and loving it so far! See quite a few around the north east so will be good to catch up with people around the local area on here! This will be a track/weekend car for me, so i'm going to have a look through a few threads for some tips on how to get...
  11. Chapppers11

    Nitrous Blue Ford Focus RS - Gtechniq Detail

    Hi all, been a while since I shared a detail with you, but as some of you may have seen in the Focus RS thread, I was called upon to detail a new Focus RS; plan being to lay down some decent protection after a thorough decontamination. I thought I'd share some photos with you and my thoughts on...