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  2001 Clio 172
Hi from Australia everyone,

I just recently purchased my first Renault (a 2001 Clio 172 non cup).
It has 127,000 kms (approx 79,000 miles for everyone else in the group).
Its due a timing belt and has a rough idle on startup but other than that is in very nice condition.
It does have a sticky steering wheel and one of the thumb grips is coming off, does anyone have a solution for this problem? Or an aftermarket steering wheel they'd recommend?
I want to give it a bit of a birthday so is there any other maintenance that you would all recommend?
It has an upgraded exhaust and brake disks (front at least) but from my knowledge is otherwise stock.
Any recommendations for modifications or parts that should be replaced with aftermarket ones? I was thinking of changing the intake to match up with the less restrictive exhaust.

Sorry about the long post and I'm looking forward to hearing from you all.



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Welcome to the forum! I believe there are a few other people based in Australia on here too.

A lot of people get the standard steering wheels retrimmed in leather/alcantara. Popular aftermarket ones are OMP or the official Renaultsport ones made by Sabelt/Sparco but these can be quite expensive.

As for the rest of the car, it would be worth getting the bushes changed for new if they haven’t already. A good refresh will make it much better to drive.



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Regarding the steering wheel, common one would be to swap for a Clio 3 197/200 steering wheel with airbag (and a little bit of modifying) as they are the same size as 172/182 wheels. But as above retrimming is another option too. Have a look on ozrenaultsport as there may be more info on there, plenty of knowledgeable owners on there too :)
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  2001 Clio 172
Thanks all for the welcome and responses, another question. Has anyone fitted cruise control to a 172 and how much of a pain was it?

G'day! :D

There's a few Aussies on the forum already so you are not alone!

Congrats on the 172, should be good fun on the twisty bits if you're near any :)

Luckily I live near a few twisty bits here in Victoria so I've already had a little play to see what the lil beast has to offer!
  02 Iceberg 172
Thanks all for the welcome and responses, another question. Has anyone fitted cruise control to a 172 and how much of a pain was it?

Yep I have - pretty straightforward tbh, provided the wiring is already there it's plug'n'play (though IIRC it seems as though all AU delivered Ph2's came with the wiring there for CC so you should be ok)

There is a thread on that outlines what parts you need etc:

Can be done relatively cheaply if you can source the more parts second hand.