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no start

  1. C

    2007 Clio 3 1.4 starting problems

    Hello everyone, I am encountering some really weird starting problems with my MK3 Clio. I've searched all over but haven't found anything related to this actual behaviour. When i try to start it, no MIL/check engine comes on, only the airbag and ABS and the lovely key light; immo stays solid...
  2. B

    Intermittent no start situation

    Hello. I'm having some problems again, a bit of a weird one. It can work fine for a couple of days, then not at all. it will crank for a couple secs when it decides to not work, but the cut out. Sometimes, i turn it over a couple more times and it starts right up, sometimes id cranks for two...
  3. Rystar

    1.5dci no start issues

    Hi All, realise I’ve been absent on here for a while but everything has been ticking over well and life taken over until recently. Having some issues with my daily and I’m stuck on it now scratching my head. It’s a long one so apologies in advance… Mk2 DCI 80, had it for about two years and...
  4. N

    Part number for relay/Cranks but doesn't start, TDC replaced, no feed to coil pack

    Hi all, I've got an issue on my 2003 172 cup where it intermittently wont start, cranks, immobiliser light goes out and I might be imagining it but it might sometimes shake a lot as if it was misfiring, but not really coughing. When it eventually starts it's obvious from the smell that it has...