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Part number for relay/Cranks but doesn't start, TDC replaced, no feed to coil pack

  172 Cup
Hi all, I've got an issue on my 2003 172 cup where it intermittently wont start, cranks, immobiliser light goes out and I might be imagining it but it might sometimes shake a lot as if it was misfiring, but not really coughing. When it eventually starts it's obvious from the smell that it has been putting fuel in.
It started off occasionally only when warm but quickly got worse to the point I can't go anywhere in it because I'll probably get stranded.
I have replaced the crank sensor and this has made no difference.
It appears that the issue is a lack of 12V supply to the coil pack. Not sure if also affects fuel pump (they're on the same relay afaik).
Any suggestions/known issues?

The tricky bit is this started a week before I left the country for work and I won't get back until late on the 22nd, so not much chance to fix before Christmas.
The main thing I'd like to try is replacing the fuel pump/coil pack relay but not being there I can't get a part number for it so hoping someone can help. Renparts couldn't get a part number from the reg, they even phoned Renault who said the same, part number or bust.

Can one of you lovey folks try to get a part number for me please?
I think but would appreciate confirmation or correction, that it's a small-ish rectangular dark red thing, there are two of these at the front of the fuse box with a big grey one just behind them. (One for fan and one for pump & coil?) I did try swapping them to no avail.
Suspect either both are coincidentally broken or it may be the wiring somewhere in between.
Are the female connectors known to go? Can they be individually replaced or do I need a whole new fuse box including desoldering or decrimping and redoing every single connection? Is there maybe a connector or two to unplug the whole fuse box?

Edit: Had the RAC out for it once and fault codes for coil pack came up and the guy checked the 12v feed. He also said on the time it did start that he heard the fuel pump going whereas I couldn't tell over the throttle noise whether it was running or not.
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Before anything else, when you put the key in the ignition and turn the key, what does the red LED in the centre of the dash do... Stay on solid, go out or flash at you?
  172 Cup
This is going to sound stupid, I don't remember, but I think it did what it always does (which I think is go out completely).
I may have a trip back to the UK this weekend and might just get time to check this out and pull one of the relays and try to find a replacement.
But I've already resigned myself to not having to drive up and down the country like a loon this Christmas.
  172 Cup
So I took the car out looking for a replacement. After checking the first shop (no joy) it wouldn't start.
Give the suspect relay a gentle tap with the back end of a screw driver (while ignition is on) and it started. Has been fine since.

Part number on my old relay was 8200 263 345, chappy at Renault dealer said the part number doesn't exist on their system but from the description new part number 7700 414 484 is probably the right replacement for any non-square 4 or 5 pin relay.
They had none in stock and would be some crazy price anyway, got this on order.
No idea when it will arrive but £8 postage, still cheaper than Renault.
  172 Cup
If anyone is interested the new relay arrived today.
As the car seems to be fine now I'll keep it in the car until it happens again, just to build confidence that I've identified the root cause correctly.
Also no further news for at least 8 days as I'm still away for work.
  172 Cup
I have the new relay but problem persists. Also not sure which of the two relays is the fuel pump/coil pack feed?
Can anyone help?

Where can I find wiring diagrams?
Do Renault sell just the diagrams?

I'm going to try cleaning out the female pins if I can get in there.
If that fails I think it's time for RAC/garage.
  172 Cup
Last time RAC came out the guy was kinda helpful. It's the getting them there that's the hard part.
If I had their diag tool and wiring diagrams I'd be alright.

Have been out and wiggled it and put the new relay in position J now which I think is the right one and it started but is definitely misfiring.. or something.
Just gonna order some spark testers and if I can figure out how to find them one of the "diode" (LED) things he plugged into the coil pack plug to test that.
Think the battery is running low from all the failed starts too.


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mick at diamond isn't that far from you in that case. sort it to get it to him.