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  1. AndyPembs182

    Painting brake callipers

    Looking for recommendations for brake calliper paint! Ideally something easy to apply, long lasting and a vivid colour.
  2. T

    Color for rims.

    Hello everyone. Can someone please help me with color for my rims? Im stuck with black,white,purple or blue and i dont know which one to chose :/
  3. F

    Need advice for touch up paint

    Hey I just need some advice on how to go about touch up painting this. You can see the previous owner already tried and failed halfway through i guess but yeah. I know it's not really fixable, and the whole will probably get a new paint anyway at some point, but i'd just like to try and make...
  4. H

    Matte Black paint - Plastic Door Black Strip

    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendation of what touchup paint sticks to use on the black plastic strip down the door on the Clio RS 200. Please see the image here, as you can see I have a white paint speckle on here from when I purchased it 3 weeks ago. Just wanting to get it touched up...
  5. Cerrone

    Paint code for cup alloys

    Afternoon I’m after some help/advice I’m looking at getting my alloys refurbished to factory colour. Iv tried this before a while ago but got the wrong paint code and they turned out different so I wasn’t happy with them. Yesterday I rang Renault Wolverhampton and the parts chap I was talking...
  6. K

    Halfords Spray Cans

    So i'm planing on color coding my front bumper inserts and also the door handles and side mirrors , the paint of my car is Pearl Black , anyone ever tried halfords spray can and how that looks with the car color ?
  7. M

    Best place to buy colour match paint (online or shipping)

    Looking to tidy up my rear bumper and having trouble finding a spray can of my colour code locally (Ireland). Paint code - NV632 which is Gris Boreal from what I can make out Any good sites that ship rattle cans that have this colour? Cheers!
  8. MrBlonde

    Help with DIY spraying

    so today I decided to have ago a temporary fixing my lower rear quarter. I have the proper matched paint of D43 that i got made up. So to cant a long story short it didn't come out right which is strange as other side is fine. After i sprayed the laquer on i let it dry and then rubbed down...
  9. MrBlonde

    My Engine bay revamp!

    Spent a couple of days painting the engine bits & good clean up!.pretty pleased with the outcome,so thought whack some photos up!
  10. R

    Struggling to find a wing, odd colour?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find a n/s wing in colour code ted69 for a mk2 non-sport but I can't seem to find anyone breaking one in this colour? Was is a rare colour code on the mk2? Are there any other silver codes that are close-ish? I could paint it myself , but after doing my bonnet diy i can...