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  1. L

    3D printed Clio performance parts

    I have replaced the fog lights with 3D printed air conducts to cool the brakes Does anyone have printed parts like wing mirrors o something else? Show your proyects
  2. S

    Best performance mods for My mk3 1.5dci 106bhp

    I recently bought a 1.5 dci Clio. It is the 106 bhp version and I have had it remapped to 136. I was just wondering what people think are the best mods for power gains? Any advice would be welcome
  3. B

    Clio 182 Suggestions?

    Hi all, So I have a clio 182. I’m looking to get some advice on what to do next. This will be long so if you don’t want to read it all just at least choose a category and help me please :) Maintenance I’d like to get some new tie rods and wishbones for the front of my car. Although they would...
  4. Hathor West

    Clio 182 - Air Filter/Box Debate

    I bought my 182 back in February and it's been fitted with a K&N air filter. However, my dad is a mechanic and has always told me to put the original Renault air filter/box back in as the performance will be better. We discussed some other options to get the best performance and BHP, but what...
  5. Tomotek

    TomoTek - 182 Track Build here we come!...

    Hi Everyone!.... I have owned two Clio's since December '13 and have finally got round to joining up on Clio Sport as a full member! I bought a Silver 172 as a general run around, and also a Arctic Blue 182 which I intend to prep solely for the track I thought it would be fun to document...