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phase 1

  1. N

    Phase 1 Clio 172 - Worth it?

    Hey guys, new to the forum. There's a Phase 1 Clio for sale on the interwebs for £5,700. Looks clean, 85k miles, almost original. Is it worth the high price tag? Or am I dreaming?
  2. Optimista

    Clio Sport 172 ph quick

    Wasn't really looking for a car to buy, but when i came across this for low money i had to react. Soo ph quick, 1st owner, 74k miles. Car was bought by a guy that passed it on to his daugher when she got her driving licence. Was waay under priced. Except two white lines, everything is oem, i've...
  3. O

    Clio 172 Ph1 Front Bumper

    Hello, I'm desperately looking for a 172 Ph1 front bumper. I own a Clio 172 with (awful) Elia front bumper for quite some time now but this year I was told at MOT that the car has to be fitted with OEM bumper (or at least one looking more "normal") - otherwise it will have to scrapped & used...
  4. Hazza462

    RB PH1 172 Rally Car Progress

    So two weeks ago me and my girlfriend (Alex) bought a ph1 172 car with a full weld in roll cage by Custom Cages. We wanted it as a project to do over the summer break whilst off University and our intention is to have it as a track only car and maybe compete in it one day . The pics below show...
  5. kye172

    Phase 1 drive shafts

    So looks like i need a pair of drive shafts for my phase 1 172... Can anyone recommend which to go for. Would prefer oem part but renault no longer produce them for the phase 1. Eurocarparts are showing a n/s GKN unit but no offside and also get mixed reviews. Mainly on supplying the correct...
  6. partybish

    Matt's PH1 172 Restoration Project

    Hi all, I've been on Cliosport ever since owning a 172 Cup (project thread here). Sadly the Cup ended up needing a new head and it was going to cost a lot to repair so I sold it on and ever since I really missed Clio ownership. In July I decided to go on the hunt for another 172, but one that...
  7. Sir Nancy Flowers

    Liquid Yellow 172 PH1

    Spotted a gorgeous PH1 172 in Liquid Yellow coming off the m27 going into Southampton, headed off Eastleigh Way. Had a private registration and the chap driving gave me a wave in my Iceberg 182.....If you see this or know who this is, let me know! I need a cruise buddy!