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  1. rem1859

    A few photos from FCS 2017 Donington Park

    Thought I'd share a few photos taken yesterday at French Car Show 2017. My son is an avid photographer so as usual came armed with his camera. Here is a pic of the stand, my car on far left having come back in after track time: He shot a few Clios flying by the pits on the long straight too...
  2. MrBlonde

    Transferring Photos from tablet to laptop

    Just trying to transfer my photos on my android tablet to my laptop but im not having any luck by using Bluetooth,it pairs but wont send the photos. What other options do i have please?,is there a way of doing something like Airdrop with android and laptop?
  3. Jack!

    Picture editing

    Can anyone recommend me some software that will allow me to green screen/chroma key, allowing me to remove the background from images or completely change the colour of the background? I take picture of things I'm selling, but I'd like to be able to make the background either perfect white or...
  4. J

    How build Clio182 exhaust

    Hello, I'm new member on this forum. I have a question about build exhaust from Clio182. I'd put this exhaust in my Clio, but not 182. Anybody do this ? Any photos and advice ? THANKS
  5. Scrooge

    April Photography Competition- Black & White

    So congratulations @Aaron.. The theme this month is Black and white, another easy one so I expect just as many entries as last time! Entries close on the 30th April and voting to commence in the following week (first week of January, with next theme starting on the 7th). - Post a maximum of 3...
  6. MrBlonde

    Lowered 172 cup springs

    I know its been covered loads & i have read other threads.I have eibach sportlines on my 172 cup at the mo with new dampers,but i want it to sit lower.So my 2 others choices are cooksport or H&R.So im just after a couple of side profile photos of 172 cups on either of these spring choices please...
  7. Scrooge

    March 2016 Photography Competition! - Depth of Field

    So this really needs to make a return! We aren't too far into the month, especially for an easy subject such as this. Hopefully this will attract a fair few people and get it rolling again and I an excuse to pick up my camera more. Rules as follows; Entries close on the 31st March and voting...