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  1. Codfather

    New RS Clio 182 Owner - Project RX

    Hi all, Having recently sold my MK2.5 MX-5 I was on the verge of swapping to a 135i for another fast-ish road car. At the last second though, I had a change of heart and decided to propose buying an older hot hatch and converting it into a rallycross car to race in the amateur league next...
  2. Jacpac5

    Looking to start racing

    So i just turned 17 in July and passed my test last month. I currently am driving a Clio 1.2 16v Campus and the insurance is already a killer. I was looking at getting a 1*2 and potentially getting it towed but that was so much money and insuring and driving it there was even worse. Just looking...
  3. J

    Mk2 Clio - AutoSOLO to RallyCross

    Hi all 😌 Just posting a thread about the journey I'm going to take from taking my little road standard Clio, & get it race ready for AutoSOLO's and RallyCross, & everything in between! :yum: Please feel free to comment & offer advice, this will be my first time doing anything like this...
  4. adamlstr

    Pistonheads Sunday Service at Topcats Racing, feat. Supercharged V8 Sagaris burnout. [/clickbait]

    phss-topcats-racing-august-2016-4 by Adam Lister, on Flickr phss-topcats-racing-august-2016-8 by Adam Lister, on Flickr phss-topcats-racing-august-2016-9 by Adam Lister, on Flickr phss-topcats-racing-august-2016-10 by Adam Lister, on Flickr That's the trouble with these Integras, they're...
  5. MrBlonde

    CSR Racing 2

    Anyone playing this?.just started playing and addicted already!.just seeing if anyone has started there own crew on there or a clio one?
  6. B

    Bristol Clio Cup

    Bristol Motor Club are proposing to run the Bristol Clio Cup, exclusively for normally aspirated Renault Clios. In 2017, it is proposed that the cars will compete in two sprints at Castle Combe Circuit, one at Llandow Circuit (near Cardiff) and two AutoSolos in Chepstow. All the events are...
  7. Dan hood

    Car setup for track

    If you,re looking to take to the track for either track days or racing then go have a read of the articles on this website, they give some really good information on how different things may change the characteristics of your car. Take a look.
  8. Tomotek

    TomoTek - 182 Track Build here we come!...

    Hi Everyone!.... I have owned two Clio's since December '13 and have finally got round to joining up on Clio Sport as a full member! I bought a Silver 172 as a general run around, and also a Arctic Blue 182 which I intend to prep solely for the track I thought it would be fun to document...
  9. JamieG95

    JamieG95's RB182

    Picked this up yesterday evening, gave it a clean and took it out for a few photos tonight, more to follow! 182FF with 50k on the clock, extremely pleased with it! My RB182 Clio! by JamieGraham95, on Flickr