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  1. F

    New clutch slipping in reverse

    Hello! My new Sachs clutch is slipping on my 172 Cup and making a nasty smell, but only in reverse. Absolutely perfect going forwards. Is it just something I need to let bed in or is it likely I've done something wrong when putting it all back together? Any advice appreciated! Thanks in...
  2. A

    Help - Rear light clio MK3

    Hello... Anyone know what one of these colours is the reverse light on the Clio MK3 drivers side (if the side makes a difference?) Trying to install a reversing camera on my gfs car and the nagging is getting unbearable now... help a brother out... Cheers!
  3. J

    Mk 3 Clio reverse lights not working - switch and fuses fine but unconnected cable in engine bay?

    So my MK3 Clio (57 plate) reverse lights aren't working and we've checked the fuses, the switch (changed in the last week anyway) and found nothing except this weird loose cable. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? Or how to fix the lights if unrelated. Also the rear left light cluster has...
  4. leeds2592

    Can't Select Reverse Gear

    Hi all, Recently fitted a modified shifter curtesy of @Ash-b-84 and it has been spot on until last night. I'd been driving it earlier in the day and it was fine, I get home, park it on my drive, come to get in it to go somewhere a few hours later and it won't go into reverse. When I pull the...