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  1. M

    Vibrations at certain rpms

    1500 and 3000 rpm Also at 60 mph Its had all new belt end done within last 1000 miles. Timing, alternator, air con. New mount was fitted last week. Vibration through the accelerator pedal and seat. Vastly more noticeable at when car is cold and stationary. Calms down but doesnt go when car...
  2. D

    Strange noise around 4000 RPM

    Hi! So i have a problem with my Twingo rs. There there seems to be a loose bearing sound whenever I go past 4000 revs then let off the accelerator or changing gears. It still shifts fine, no slipping clutch, no drop in rpm. Managed to find a video of someone who had the same issue but he...
  3. N

    Starting issue - 06 Campus Sport 1.2 16v

    Hi all, new to the forum and trying to troubleshoot an issue with my Clio. It's an 06 Campus Sport 1.2 16v, 68k miles and generally runs well. Used to be only every now and then but recently starting has been a real issue, it'll crank fine but not fire properly until 3rd or 4th time...
  4. E

    Cold start issue and RPM not showing, crankshaft position sensor?

    Hi everyone! I have a 2002 Clio Expression 1.4 16V and have te following cobination of issues. I'll be thankfull for all of your opinions: When I'm going to start the car in the morning it doesn't do at the first attempt, I have to try ir a few times, the car makes a barely start but it turns...
  5. Rystar

    Burning oil smell about 5000rpm?

    Hi All, My car has a burning oil smell above 5000rpm, I've noticed this in 3rd or 4th gear. Mates following me reckon there's no blue smoke from the exhaust behind me, although they can smell it also? I know the VVT system kicks in around these revs. Dephaser and both belts and all...