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Cold start issue and RPM not showing, crankshaft position sensor?

  Renault Clio 2002
Hi everyone!
I have a 2002 Clio Expression 1.4 16V and have te following cobination of issues.
I'll be thankfull for all of your opinions:
When I'm going to start the car in the morning it doesn't do at the first attempt, I have to try ir a few times, the car makes a barely start but it turns off, then when it starts it doesn't show the rpm, I mean the rpm indicator is at 0, so I turn off the car and start again and luckily sometimes it shows rpm, but if it doesn't show I repeat the process until rpm are shown.
Then, when I put the first gear and accelerate the car it turns off, the clutch is ok, and sometimes when accelerating the moto it does a rare vibrating behaviour at 1000 rom aprox, when this happens I put the cluctch and it normlizes because I raise the rpm for first and second gear, finally sometimes the rpm goes to 0 but the car is running, so I have to stop and restart the car to get rpm and sometimes when I am in a traffic jam and accelerate the car wuth 0 rpm it vibrates and start showing rpm again.
I've visited a mechanic and it says that I have to replace the crankshaft position sensor but I'm not very optimistic about this.
Can you share any similiar expreience please.