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  1. JB21

    Anyone ran staggered tyre types on track (slicks front/R compound rear)

    Can get hold of a new pair of Toyo RS1 slicks (GG compound) cheap and was wondering if anyone had ran slicks up front and R compound tyres at the rear? The rears will be Pirreli Trofeo R's which are pretty much a cut slick anyway, all 4 tyres are 205/50/15. I would purchase a full set of slicks...
  2. JB21

    Race slicks shelf life?

    Found myself what looks like a decent set of used Dunlop SP Sport slicks but it seems some race slicks don't have a manufacturing date. Guy said he purchased them 12 months ago from a Clio cup race team and they stated they has only completed 15 laps from new. So my question, what is the life...