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  1. JKeillor94

    Coilovers - Lower the rear

    Right, i want the rear to sit lower, its winding me up seeing it still so high! Currently sitting on AP Coilovers, maxed out on its lowest, rear adjusters are out too! How can i get it lower?!!! Is there somewhere i can send the rear springs to have them compressed more or something? 🤔 HELP...
  2. James363

    Brake spring clip part number needed

    Good evening, I am looking for a place to buy the spring clips that hold the brake pipes in place on the clio. These are the clips that hold the lines in place. When you undo the hardline fitting to put braided lines, there are 4 on the back and 2 on the front. They look like a U with rounded...
  3. Ling9403

    Rally front Spring rates- 172

    Hi, Running a 172 for road rallying, so ride height is up. Looking to swap the 6" and helper spring out for a 10". Just looking for advised spring rates. Currently running 335lbs (KTec) I've been advised 190lbs. Any help would be great! Thanks