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Coilovers - Lower the rear

Right, i want the rear to sit lower, its winding me up seeing it still so high!
Currently sitting on AP Coilovers, maxed out on its lowest, rear adjusters are out too!
How can i get it lower?!!! Is there somewhere i can send the rear springs to have them compressed more or something? 🤔 HELP!

Here's how it sits now the coilovers have settled after a while;
It sits fine. You want forward rake on a front crawler. It'll just upset the balance/handling lowering the rear more than the front.
I get that but tbh i want a clean stance to it, its really solid in the corners etc as it is already since it is lowered and i've pulled the wheels way wider than it was to begin with!
We're talking another 15-20mm i want lowered


ClioSport Club Member
The front is as low as itll go which is fine.
The rear doesnt have the adjusters in, i didnt bother with them for maximum lows (but its not enough), its just the spring thats there and i want it to sit lower in the rear.
You'll have to purchase a shorter spring, but again you'll lose damping resulting in worse ride and handling.



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  Bean 182
Yeh, AP's aren't too bad. Much more common in the VAG world and probably known as a very decent coilover for the money.

In answer to your first question, only option really is shorter springs. If you want to be really pikey, cut a coil off the springs you've got now 😂


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  182 FFAT
You will grow out of this low stuff believe me. Better get is as low as it still has some dampening and drivability to it. Like most of us said it looks quite low as it is now