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  1. ClioDude55

    Stancing a clio. What size rims?

    I’m gonna “stance” or at least lower my Clio mk2. What size rims looks good? Was thinking about 15 inch. Please post a pic if you have of a clio with 15-17 size wheels :)
  2. ClioDude55

    Clio mk2 lowering wheels

    Hello, Im gonna lower my clio mk2 and was thinking about 15 inch wheels. Anyone have pictures of how it looks? Or any other inch wheel if it would fit better :)
  3. H

    New to the forum! 3 door "Stanced" Clio

    Hi! New to the forum , joining as ive had this for 6 months and joining to get some advice for when it goes wrong as well as provide some help to others! 2003 Clio 1.4 16v Coilovers Borbet T 14x8 (Toyo 195/45/R14 all round ) (will be refurbed in "Anthracite" at a later date) Yellow Fogs...
  4. RichAwty

    2017 trends (neons comeback)

    Came across this earlier ( which amongst other things predicts the return of the amazing, outrageous and slightly sickening early 2000's max power type modded cars with neons and crazy spoilers. Anybody seen anything...
  5. J

    My love CLIO 2ph2 <3

    Hello everybody! I bought my Clio one year ago.The car had all in original. I fell in love with this Renault. Something about car: Renault Clio 2 ph 2 Dynamique engine: 1.5DCi 82HP year: 2002 First mods: (end 2015- september 2016) -new suspension COILOVERS :TaTechnix -rims: MOMO Tens 15inches...
  6. G

    7Tune assesses a slammed car

    Of course, it would be a Me-ah-ta. I was under the impression that provided teen girls with daddy-issues leave damp patches on the out-of-date FIA seats, nothing else mattered in the world of Stance?