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starter motor

  1. RobBrodie

    Intermittent Starting Issue

    Afternoon Guys Can't really find anything with a search on this When i turn the key the starter motor engages and it turns once or twice but then just before the car starts it just stops I wouldn't say the starter dies off, it just stops and i get a slight buzzing which i'm fairly certain is...
  2. 20vKarlos

    Starting problem... new battery, won't start! n

    Right guys, Yesterday I went to pick up my bargain Clio 172, I was told prior to winning the car that it just needed a battery and it would start up. It was last started a month ago by the kiddies dad. I arrive, change the battery and nothing happens, not even a click... so I was thinking...
  3. D

    Renault Clio Mk3 not starting

    Hi Looking for some help so hopefully someone can. My Renaukt Clio Mk3 displayed a Low Battery warning light when I was driving home the other day, I didnt think much of it at the time to be honest, but when I tried to start it later on it wouldn't turn over ( all other electrics were working)...