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197 won’t start

  Clio sport 182
My 197 is playing up! I’ve read afew things about this issue but has anyone solved it?
When I push start button everything looks like it’s about to start as normal including lights on dash as normal, but won’t start. Then says “steering not locked” and no matter what I do or reset, it won’t start. The AA have been out and it’s now with a mechanic whose had it for 3 weeks now with no ideas! Anyone solves or have a list of things for me to check plz? I know the starter motor and battery are both fine. It’s like the push button isn’t talking to the starter motor.
Any help appreciated.


ClioSport Club Member
I know it sounds daft but have you tried to turn the wheel when starting?

I've had it before on my megane and it wouldn't start saying "steering not locked" but all I did was give the wheel a flick and it let the ignition come on
  Clio sport 182
Hi guys…. Has anyone had any luck yet? My garage is completely stuck. He’s changed wires, and done everything suggested. He said we can try a new starter motor but don’t want to fork out loads if not that. He said the feed to the starter motor is firing intermittently but no idea what to do now except change motor?


ClioSport Club Member
If it's saying steering not locked then it will be something immobiliser related. If the person working on it hasn't even bothered to check that then he needs to put down his tools and work at McDonalds ffs. I mean what sort of mechanic can't bench-test or run direct 12v to a starter 🤦‍♂️

It will be one of 3 things on a 197 if the starter or starter solenoid wire isn't the issue. The steering lock module on the column (also depends if it's a cup with a key or a normal one with a card), the crank sensor or low battery voltage


ClioSport Club Member
Where in the country are you? Might be someone who specialises in these cars nearby who will have a better idea of how to fix.
  Clio sport 182
I’m in Cornwall. There doesn’t seem to be many down here that I know of that knows anything about cliosports. It’s so fustrating as I haven’t drove it for over a month now.


ClioSport Club Member
I’ve had a quick search, not much in Cornwall you’re right. Someone did recommend Andy at AMC in Paignton, apparently experienced with mk2 and mk3 sports. Might be worth a ring at least.
  Clio RS 200
Get the garage to check it is not the starter motor by putting 12v across the terminals.

I spent a few weeks trying to sort out my 200 that would not start. It would come up with the steering not locked error from time to time. Eventually I worked out it was the starter motor.
  Renault Clio RSI
Hi Guys Ihave this problem:

Sometimes really doesn't want to start... Sometimes it'll turn over and over and over trying to 'catch'... It almost catches but never quite enough.. However you press the gas and it always catches straight away! Sometimes it'll start then cough, splutter and stall.. Though same again, prod the gas and it'll keep going and settle down to idle just fine.. "quoted from user "MCTW".

Usually when I drive my clio 1.6 16V RSI it gets very hot, "AS IN VERY HOT" temprature guage goes like 65% up.

I recently hit the highway and thought perhaps to push her to 235Km/h, she achieved and reached that speed very easily, and without effort.

However When I reached my Destination by driving over 80-90Km from where I live, I tried to start her again. this time the temprature was over 100%, almost as if it wants to go over the markings on the temprature guage.

I found that my radiator fan isn't working at all, and also replaced the battery, and if I start the car, it hesitates and starts almost as if something is drawing too much power, affecting the starting procedure.

I have replaced temp sensor, cam sensor, almost everything there is, but still problem, so yea, I think this heat thing and the radiator fan is the culprit, I don't know if a relay went or what,

I also want to add, that the negative cable, running from the gearbox to the chassis of the car, it is a long flat interwoven wire, is very dirty, and it came out when the car was manufactured.

I also found that my car have a lot of engine noise after i pushed it ti 235Km/h on the highway, It makes me wonder if it can be the components the fanbelt is running on, It is the only thing I can think of.

I need help with this, so if someone can help I would be soo appreciative

Thank you in advance

Hoping You're well

Arthur Lindsey
  Clio sport 182
Mine ended up being the wire from the battery,going to the starter motor that had rotten away. It took an experianced auto electrician to sort in the end. Also my fan wasn’t working like yours and the temp was sky high,the connector had corroded too. Once replaced all sorted. It was the wire that stopped the car working completely!