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steering column

  1. T

    Clio 182 Cruise Control wires

    Hi everyone! I recently purchased a Clio 182 that had an aftermarket Turn One steering wheel. I just changed back to original because I'm missing to have a Cruise control, but as soon as I removed the steering wheel I realised the last owner ripped off the black cruise control wires and the...
  2. H

    Knock in the steering column at standstill

    Hello, My 172 ph2 has a knock coming up through the steering column when the steering wheel is rocked. It is most noticeable when the engine is off. I have disconnected the track rod ends from the hub to take the pressure off the steering rack and my problem still persist. Is it common for...
  3. LOK

    Steering column extension & airbag cable

    Hi guys - I really want to get the steering wheel closer to me, it makes the drive sooooo much better. I could just fit an aftermarket wheel without airbag and rewire cruise control etc. It's just not really what I want (no airbag, not even sure how that works with my car insurance, OEM look...