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Steering column extension & airbag cable


ClioSport Club Member
Hi guys - I really want to get the steering wheel closer to me, it makes the drive sooooo much better.

I could just fit an aftermarket wheel without airbag and rewire cruise control etc. It's just not really what I want (no airbag, not even sure how that works with my car insurance, OEM look gone, etc). I also know that a lot of people rave about how a smaller steering wheel makes driving the car much better....

Anyway, for now I really want to find a solution which allows me to keep the original steering wheel.

On here an Italian member has been posting about the steering column extensions he builds at his company - they look decent issue is i.) not cheap at 300 euros and ii.) this requires the airbag cable being extended and I guess the same is true for the other cables connecting cruise control buttons, horn, etc...

My questions are - has anyone tried Girol's extension? Does anyone know how expensive it is to get the airbag cable replaced/extended? And finally are there any other potential solutions to get the wheel closer to the seat?

As always all input is much appreciated!


ClioSport Club Member
@GiacomoRS is on here as well.
I have been using the extension (with extra extender) in my 182 for a few years now, one of the best mods ever!
bear in mind you'll have to lower the column a bit (easily done once you see how it fits)
extending the cables is a bit of a pain, as the oem cable is a flat cable with very thin metal lines on it.
Go slow, get a thick wool blanket if soldering in the car.
looking back, you'd probably be best off using a thin, flexible multi-strand cable, like network cable for example.

best tip i got: leave the central bolt on for a few turns when removing the wheel, saves you getting hit by it when pulling on it...;)


ClioSport Club Member
Get someone to fabricate the column mounts and extend the lower joint with a sleeve so the squib and everything moves together. Also get a twingo lower uj as its a solid uj mount not rubber


ClioSport Club Member
Its similar to clio epas but shorter. Im going to cut the joint and use a land rover uj. Im only doing this as my column is going to be way more closer and angled differently, so I needed another joint as there would be no articulation. I payed like 15 quid. If you were keeping same column and distance then just get the joint welded instead :)