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  Clio 182 Cup
Hi everyone!
I recently purchased a Clio 182 that had an aftermarket Turn One steering wheel.
I just changed back to original because I'm missing to have a Cruise control, but as soon as I removed the steering wheel I realised the last owner ripped off the black cruise control wires and the horn connector too..
Obviously not too worried about the horn as it's just a normal cable, but the Cruise control has that black plastic covered wiring that is definitely not replaceable with a normal wire.
Is there any cheaper options or a way to fix the Cruise control one apart from buying a whole new unit that cost around £240 on ebay second hand?
Thank you for the help! :)


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
I've seen this before with people selling CC squibs for £100 with the very same cables cut off rendering it useless and no more use to someone wanting a non CC squib. The answer isn't good mate, you'll require a new squib. You might be able to replace the clock spring but I'm not sure and it's a PIA to get the ribbon cable to wrap back up again. I think your only option is a new squib which if you look on eBay they do come up from £60 to £150