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steering wheel controls

  1. T

    Clio 182 Cruise Control wires

    Hi everyone! I recently purchased a Clio 182 that had an aftermarket Turn One steering wheel. I just changed back to original because I'm missing to have a Cruise control, but as soon as I removed the steering wheel I realised the last owner ripped off the black cruise control wires and the...
  2. Z

    Steering wheel controls

    Hi all, I've got an aftermarket radio in and was wondering if anyone knows of any products to get the steering wheel controls to work with it? (just nicer instead of taking eyes off road.) The easier to install the better. Cheers
  3. SWL16

    Connects2 Steering Wheel Controls + Sony HU = A new problem!

    So after searching half the internet for this particular connects2 box problem I am none the wiser... HeadUnit: MEX-N6001BD Original HU: Update List Connects2: CTRSN005.2 Patch Lead: CTPIONEERLEAD Hi Guys, My connects2 box is installed, renault is displayed and some steering wheel controls...
  4. S

    182, Orange/Green Light on Dash but S/W Controls Not Working

    Hi everyone. As above, have a cruise & limiter issue where I get the applicable light on the dash but the controls on the steering wheel just do not work. They didn't stop working out of nowhere, they had been intermittent for a while. Anyone have any idea what will have caused this and how can...