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  1. MaxB

    OEM Front speaker differences

    Are there any differences between the front speakers in a sport and a non-sport Clio? I came across some ones from a guy who was breaking a 172 on eBay the other day and noticed how they were completely different to the ones in my non-sport and appeared to have bigger magnets. Also is there any...
  2. S

    Stereo adapter

    I'm trying to find a stereo adapter to put aftermarket one in but can't find the right one can anyone help cheers
  3. MrBlonde

    Front Speakers

    I know its been covered before & i have had a look about but,I want to replace the front speakers in my cup. Just would like some advice on what to look for when looking at speakers,i would say my budget would be £50 tops!. What would suit going with the front tweeters i would say,i prob wont...
  4. iw_laurence

    Changing standard stereo location 172

    I'm looking to move my standard renault stereo into the glovebox (to allow for extra guage fitment). Can anyone tell me what harness I would need to buy to extent the stereo leads? Preferably I would like to avoid chopping the wiring about so a straight plug in solution would work best.
  5. H-Bomb

    Clio MkIII Stereo Upgrade - USB

    Hi Guys, I'm new to all this so please forgive me if ive made any stupid forum mistakes or anything. i have searched this through old posts but have never found anything solid to work from what i have is a 2012 Renault Clio MKIII (Facelift) Expression+. i love the car but the stereo system...