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    Hi Guys Just bought my old track car back, an 05 Racing Blue 182. It's a nice spec and always went well. But I need more power! I've been looking at the Engine Dynamics 230 turbo conversion for £2800 fitted or the 280 turbo conversion for £4600 fitted. There's also the K-Tec 260 supercharger...
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    1.4 supercharger ?....

    Hey guys, I wanted to do an engine swap at first. However considering the cost and the labour needed i decided i want to supercharge my 1.4. Is there anyone driving a 1.4 supercharger? Or can tell me if it is even possible(in the sense of not braking down after a month) Gr Tom
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    Mk1 engine swap

    Hey there, I've got a 1.4 currently and I want to upgrade it to a bigger sized engine ( with eventually a supercharger ). I have seen some people talking about a megane or clio 1.8 but i never found someone that actually swapped it. Anyone with experience or advice? Thanks, tom