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  1. B

    Transmition swap

    Hey! So me and my friend want a new project to be killing time with, and I just bought a new daily car so we have this clio that we just use for fun. One day we came up with the great idea that we should fufill every fwd guys little secret dream. make it rwd. And so we started planning, I can...
  2. F

    197/200 engine on clio 182

    Hey guys! I´ve own a Clio 182 since last year and what a machine! the fact is that it goes great... when everything works. I´ve to change the clutch and the aux belt, and I´ll have to change the timing belt sooner of later. The fact is that the Clio is just my hobby, and as I don´t need it for...
  3. Optimista

    Renault Megane Berline 2.0 16v F7R swap

    Hey guys, time to show my project :smile: So, this is my Megane berline ph2 from year 2000. Original engine is 1.4e and after 318 000 kilometers it decided to blow it's head gasket for the 3rd time.. I didn't want to invest in 1.4e engine anymore and then i came up with an idea to put and...
  4. Mazz

    Initiale dCi Daily Project (yes, diesel.)

    welcome to this, rather ordinary, project thread. be aware, I like writing. I thought about this and immediately realized two things: 1) This thread is about a diesel clio, not a sport. 2) being this diesel clio my daily driver, you won't find any infos on welded roll cages, 4 pots calipers...
  5. A

    OEM Seat Swap

    Just wondered if anyone could shed some light on seats that will fit in my mk3 clio. Been looking at the uprated rs197 seats or megane sport leather seats Pretty new on this forum so go easy on me!