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thankyou please

  1. B

    Mk1 Clio 1.8 16v / Williams ecu ? Spark fuel but won't run?

    Hi guys I'm new here :smile: Basically long story short, I brought this clio of eBay, seller said he thinks the alarm has killed it, done a little digging, all the alarm seems to be working, doors lock / unlock Immobiliser turns from red to green and it cranks over fine. Stripped engine bay...
  2. DaveDreads

    Rear Beam PolyBushes

    Need to replace these as they're buggered, might as well polybush them seeing as the old ones are getting binned, question is do I buy the normal purple ones, or the black series for £7 quid extra, is there a difference, are the black series hard as nails and intolerable, does it matter at all...