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track day

  1. sam55

    Rockingham Laptime videos

    For anyone interested in Rockingham's timesheets (no? Just me then..), we've set a new production car lap record on the National Circuit with the GT3 RS in this video. And guess what, we've also set an overall lap record with a track car that's due to feature in a video next month. Any guesses...
  2. C

    Renault (Dacia) Sandero RS F4R

    Hello Fellas, Let me introduction to you my car, the Renault Sandero Rs! This car is my daily driver and my race car, I call it a Racelydriver. I bouth it last year and I love this little car. This model is a true Renault Sport car with the F4R engine with a lot of torque and a fantastic...
  3. sam55

    Kona N tested flat out on track - plus some sensible stuff

    We’ve a new video review live on YT, but this time it features the Hyundai Kona N. Which, despite being a crossover, is one of the most fun and engaging sub-£40k driver’s cars on sale. No joke. It can do the crossovery stuff well enough, but what amazed me was its ability to hammer around a...
  4. Greeny.

    Clio track day pics from Sunny(ish) Snet

  5. MrBlonde

    CSF'17 Photos (No Chat Please)

    Some Photos from this years CSF weekend 2017
  6. Knuckles

    Getting home from a track after having an accident

    For those of you who drive the car to the track, how do you get home from a track day if the car is undrivable? Say it's been crashed or it's had a break down, do you have some kind of cover to get home or do you just ring a recovery firm and pay through the nose? The reason I ask is after my...
  7. 20vKarlos

    20vKarlos' - Renault Clio 172 - Track Car Project - Possible Disaster

    Hello all A bit of a long introduction to bring you guys all up to speed... A few years ago before I was married, I told the mrs that I wanted a project car once we were married, she agreed and said "As long as I get to help then that's fine!" - Result :smile: So, we've been married 18...
  8. C


    Hi guys, Back After a few months gap off the forum.... So I have a 04 Clio 182. Tidy, straight clean car both cosmetically and so far mechanically! (No evidence of the dephaser change :(! ) I bought the car as a weekend car but now want to turn it into a TRACKDAY car... My budget is quite tight...
  9. Dan hood

    Car setup for track

    If you,re looking to take to the track for either track days or racing then go have a read of the articles on this website, they give some really good information on how different things may change the characteristics of your car. Take a look.