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  1. sam55

    Rockingham Laptime videos

    For anyone interested in Rockingham's timesheets (no? Just me then..), we've set a new production car lap record on the National Circuit with the GT3 RS in this video. And guess what, we've also set an overall lap record with a track car that's due to feature in a video next month. Any guesses...
  2. M

    ABS light

    this week i did trackday with my clio rs 172 and in turn 1 with hard braking the abs light came on and since then it hasn't gone out, what will happen?
  3. Raceface_13

    Raceface's 182 Track Car

    Picked this up last weekend, absoulutely love it. 89k with de phaser done (twice in its life) Scorpion rs192 cat back with resonated centre Brembo HC front discs Eibach 35mm springs on the cup dampers General plan is to give it a good service, engine, box oil, plugs and give it a check over...