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turbo clio

  1. C

    All I need to turbo my 172

    Hey guys! just got a bone stock 172, I already have somewhat idea of what I might need to turbo my 172, but as there are people who have already done that, I wanted to ask exactly what I need to do it or any recommended turbo kits or other thing to look up to (like forged internals and other...
  2. O

    Turboing a Renault clio mk3 gt 2009

    I was wondering if it was even possible to turbocharge this car with a clio mk3 1.2 tce dynamique turbo as they're both petrol and near enough the same engine block, I know I'd need all the parts such as a turbo manifold downpipe, intercooler, piping, hosing. But would it fit
  3. Camsmyth

    The Missile

    The car started life as a standard Australian delivered 182 non-cup purchased so I could get out on the track and improve my skills. Pretty much as soon as I got it I semi-stripped the interior, put in some AST’s, added a race seat, ED cams, lightweight wheels and dz03’s along with the other...