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Turboing a Renault clio mk3 gt 2009

  Renault Clio GT 2009
I was wondering if it was even possible to turbocharge this car with a clio mk3 1.2 tce dynamique turbo as they're both petrol and near enough the same engine block, I know I'd need all the parts such as a turbo manifold downpipe, intercooler, piping, hosing. But would it fit
  monaco 172
It's probably doable with mods, but it won't be as simple as bolting on a few pipes a turbo and an intercooler.

A complete engine swap would probably be easier and more reliable


ClioSport Club Member
As said, an engine swap would be more straightforward. But why swap a 1.2 for a 1.2? If your doing it just bung a megane engine in.
If your thinking keeping it 1.2 will fool your insurer should anything happen you're very much fooling yourself.

Cheapest thing to do is just buy a new car.