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  1. H

    15x7.5 et35 225/45/15 on a clio 172?

    Howdy all, looking to put some very grippy tyres on my Clio, have been using willtheyfit and it seems it will juuuuust fit, granted my car is lowered a lil, wondering if anyone has any experience with this wheel size and offset on Clio 172/182? Also am hoping to use some konig hypergrams :)...
  2. Racky

    Tyres - help, advice

    Hi guys, I need to change the tyres on my 1.5 dCi and I am completely bamboozle what to choose. I am looking more after a touring tyre, something that won't wear in 10k miles. Was thinking of Rain Sport 3 or Toyo T1R, but noticed that people say this tyres wear fast. Now I am looking at...
  3. P

    need new tyres any recommendations

    I need of some new front tyres ones that are on now are usless ... Any recommendations .. no cheap tat premium tyres
  4. MrBlonde

    Uniroyal Rainsport3 tread direction??

    I noticed today well @Dr Jekyll did,that the tread pattern is reverse on the drivers side to passengers side,but before you say all tyres are fitted correctly with outiside facing outside.Anyone know why this is & have this with there Rainsport3's??
  5. Joe Wootten

    Toyo R888's

    Hi guys, My ps3s are almost down to the bars on the front and really want to try a set of road legal track/fast Road Tyres that aren't the pilot sports. Has anyone on here tried them on the road and how bad are they in wet weather? Also what's wear like with regular and fast Road driving? What...
  6. JamesBryan

    Wheel/Tyre Suspension Clearance

    Just fitted my camber bolts and had them dialed in to -1.5 deg. I'm now thinking the inside edge of the tyre might be too close to the suspension spring, especially on track under hard cornering. I can just get my fingers in the gap between the two, so say roughly 10mm +/-. Is that enough...