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ultra red

  1. Niall

    Niall's BG 182 & Christopher's UR 200

    So yesterday afternoon myself and @Christopher met up to do some pics, and a long overdue catch up. Been about 3 years or so since I last got some photos of Chris's 200 (as can be seen with the AG 200 on the banner on here), and about the same length of time since I last took photos of cars...
  2. J

    Jonno56 | Clio 200 | Ultra Red

    Having owned this for a few months now, I thought I'd finally post a proper progress thread. Wouldn't expect quick progress mind. Anyway; bought this car in January, good mileage and well specc'd: - FF Clio 200 with cup pack - 47k miles - Recaro seats - Speedline wheels - Cornering/projector...