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Jonno56 | Clio 200 | Ultra Red

  Clio 200
Having owned this for a few months now, I thought I'd finally post a proper progress thread.
Wouldn't expect quick progress mind.
Anyway; bought this car in January, good mileage and well specc'd:
- FF Clio 200 with cup pack
- 47k miles
- Recaro seats
- Speedline wheels
- Cornering/projector headlights

There were no short term plans to make any changes to the car - I was happy to be back driving a small petrol coming back from a diesel golf.
MOT time came late March, and I initially thought just rear bearings were required (did a full rear brake job).
The MOT report came back that 1 of the front springs had snapped, so I had to lower it all round on H&R's. :smile:

Pretty happy with how it sits - the ride height still clears sleeping policemen (which is a + when there are so many en route to work), and the ride is no firmer than the original cup springs that they replaced.

I'd then had the car in with @bloke to take a look at the characteristic 'reluctant to select gears when cold'. We went with fresh gear oil, ran for a few weeks; then renewed the oil again & installed a PowerFlex lower engine mount.
Related or not - the gear selections are much better than they used to be when cold!

While I was ordering the lower mount, I also decided to install the PowerFlex upper torque arm bush. Other than a little more vibration through the cabin, these have made the power delivery feel much more solid.
Oh, and the torque arm bush solved an odd knocking sound when going on/off throttle at low speeds :up:

Other little touches so far
- LED bulb kit
- RenaultSport steering wheel insert

Oh, and can't recommend these car cradles from Brodit enough!

Some more pictures from this morning, after a good clean & glaze with Poorboy's Black Hole








  Alfa GT Cloverleaf
Looking good as usual. Red & black works so well.
We're defo over due a trip to the evo triangle, We need to sort out drive down and a few laps at GYG while were there.


ClioSport Club Member
Ultra red is fast becoming my favourite 200 colour.

Awesome mate.
  Clio 200
Thought I'd post an update of other things that have been happening since the original post!
Full service, including "the belts" job was completed in June, along with:
- Toyosports stainless/pre-cat decat manifold (std one had cracked on 1 & 4)
- Powerflex upper & lower engine mount & gearbox mount inserts (that's all engine mounts powerflex'd. Yes, it all vibrates/rattles.)
It then had a clutch kit (incl. the slave cylinder) in August, along with a handbrake cable (last one had seized & was sticky AF).
(all work done by @bloke , spot on!)

Since then, just a couple of tyres for the front (went for Eagle F1 Asym 3's - a great tyre at their price point), and geometry.
Almost a year of ownership, which means the ballache of insurance renewals.
  Clio 182
That looks great in red. This and alien green are my favourite colours. Even better that it's got speedlines and recaro's.
  Clio 200
Had to change the thermostat last week, the car just wasn't getting up to or holding regular temperature, all sorted now. (no pics, but if you've seen a thermostat before, it looked like one of those!).

Went for a drive in Wales yesterday, was great to get it out for some decent driving!

B4391 from Llangynog to Ffestiniog, then continued north to the Evo Triangle, and home (check the track days & driving roads section for a link to a SH article on B4391).

Shot from the Evo Triangle with a bit of after editing:

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  Clio 200
I had a MK7 Golf GTD for a year or so before the commute became less miles and I bought this :); before that I had a short affair with an A3 (1.6 Diesel...) and before that (which was before I took a job with a longer commute), an EP3 Civic Type-R :)
  Clio 200
It's a lot easier to make progress with in the tighter corners, despite the VVT the Clio can be kept within reach of the power band with less effort than in the Civic - cause of the VTEC engagement.
Clio is a smaller car, shorter wheelbase so feels more nimble to chuck around (helped by the cup suspension and decent tyres I suppose - I'd ran the EP3 on Toyo Proxes T1-R's. Before someone pipes up (yes you @chris-182 ;), it was on ditchfinders when I bought it, so Proxes were up from those, and I never drove one with decent rubber so I never really knew the difference).
There was something addictive about the VTEC though - even though essentially just mapped to give that drop then 'surge' when it switches to the upper cam, it certainly gave something to the experience.
I had a lot of fun in that Civic, chasing/being chased by a 182 (and forever waiting for another lad to catch up ;)), so I find it hard to choose between the two... The clio uses significantly less oil though...


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Cheers. Had an ep3 for 6 months and starting to like the 197/200's. Although a track ep3 would be ace too, lol.
  Clio 200
Yeah a track EP would be awesome, shed a bit of weight from it and a couple of light mods! TBH I'd like anything as a track going car haha! You driving the EP currently?

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  Clio 200
I managed to pick up an Ultra Racing boot brace from one of the forums; painted red with a Renaultsport sticker. It's got a few scratches but matches the car pretty well!

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  Clio 200
Aye i was just wondering that when i seen it had a cambelt done, that'll not take long to sell, that!
I hope so, the new motor could be here as soon as this week, it's had a lot of hits on autotrader and ebay, but no contact apart from one guy who wanted everything in exchange for nothing

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