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  1. F

    Dephaser pulley on the way out ?

    Idk i think it might be on the way out, car was nice and warm, just after a bit of a hoon this afternoon, i think it starts to sound a bit diesel'ish, i mean what do you think ? Dephasing still works fine tho, still get the kick @5000rpm and timed at 6.6 sec gps 0-60 so it still performs good.
  2. B

    Clio 1.6 vvt gt exhaust help

    Hi guys, I’m going to buy a 1.6 Clio vvt gt as my first car and am just wondering what I can do to make the exhaust louder. I’ve seen there aren’t really any exhausts available and the only way I have seen to make it louder is a “silencer removal”. I’m not too sure how I would go about doing...
  3. Aliween1400

    VVT with Siemens Clio mk2???

    Hi guys Thinking of adding dephaser setup on my build but will the Siemens (1.4 16v non sport) Clio mk2 ecu cope with it? If not I'll use k4m rs unit (trying to keep stock ecu if I can)
  4. Rystar

    Burning oil smell about 5000rpm?

    Hi All, My car has a burning oil smell above 5000rpm, I've noticed this in 3rd or 4th gear. Mates following me reckon there's no blue smoke from the exhaust behind me, although they can smell it also? I know the VVT system kicks in around these revs. Dephaser and both belts and all...
  5. Barretted

    Does my 1.6 have VVT?

    Hey there guys, simple question here as I'm keen to find out if my 1.6 Clio Dynamique has Variable Valve Timing or not. My engine is the K4M 744 Variant in my Mk2 ('03 plate) 1.6 16V Clio Dynamique, out of the factory with 110BHP (Probably not anymore) & I was wondering if it was the 1.6 that...