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water pump

  1. S

    Two techs Dartford

    Anyone know their prices? Anyone had a large job done like timing belt and water pump or a tappet adjustment and new gaskets? I'm booked in on the 7th for a water pump inspection and a tappet job and the only quote I've been able to get is £700 from a local general mechanic. Is that about...
  2. W

    Need some advice!

    Hi all. Pretty new to this forum stuff. Anyway ivr just had my 172 in to have the camblet water pump and a few sensors changed. All came to over a grand. I picked up the car this morning. Was running better than ever until about 15 minuets into my drive the battery and stop light came on. I lost...
  3. M

    Cambelt- Dephaser/water pump too? 182

    Hey everyone, So in June my cam belt will be due again. The car has done just over 73k and is a 55 plate. The big question is do I also change the de-phaser and/or water pump at the same time as I have no evidence of these being changed in the cars life time. I'm pretty much decided on going...
  4. Malikkkg

    Clio Water Pump leaking, serious issue or not?

    Hi guys, I have owned a 1.2 2004 Clio for 13 months now. Ever since I got the car the water coolant runs out very quickly and i used to check it quite frequently and always top it up. I haven't really had any issues with the water levels at all, apart from filling it a lot. However recently i...