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Need some advice!

  Renault clio cup 172
Hi all. Pretty new to this forum stuff. Anyway ivr just had my 172 in to have the camblet water pump and a few sensors changed. All came to over a grand. I picked up the car this morning. Was running better than ever until about 15 minuets into my drive the battery and stop light came on. I lost my steering and the car cut out. I stopped and started again and it was running fine. This all happened a few minuets after I turned the AC on. Any ideas on what it might be? Any help would be appreciated.
  Boosted 182 & a 197
What sensors have you had changed? I doubt that the AC would cause it cut out unless there was some kind of major short on it but I could be wrong. Who did the belts? was it a well known place?
  Renault clio cup 172
It was the lambda sensors as the car was shuddering when idle and I think the mechanic mentioned they did another one. I will have to confirm. I do definitely trust the garage. But they are not Renault specialists
  Clio 172
Sounds like the aux belt has snapped. The battery light comes on when the alternator is not charging, and the power steering is also run off the same belt.