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  1. hostler

    Hostler's 172 ph1 track/weekend toy

    I’ve been around this forum for a while, but never really started a project. I’ve owned a Clio before my current 172 ph1 but it was nothing special. My ph1 is now my track/weekend toy. My history with French cars I’ve only owned French car. My first car was a Citroën Saxo 1.1i. Great car but...
  2. SharkyUK

    182 Trophy Welsh Weekender 2016 (pic heavy)

    (Some of you may already have seen some of these photos if you are active on social media such as facetwit snapgram...) What an absolutely fantastic weekend that has been with respect to the Trophy Welsh Weekender 2016! A fantastic and friendly bunch of people, a collection of the finest...