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  1. R

    De ice windscreen

    How does people de ice windscreens without scraping or using de-icer. I remember hearing that de-icer is bad to get on paintwork and will eat away protective coatings like ceramic glaze and rainx
  2. P

    Clio 172 Cup Windscreen replacement- Mystery solved!

    Hi all, To provide some help and guidance out there to owners who need to replace their 172 CUP windscreen, I have just been through this process (due to a crack) and it is not straight forward in terms of making sure the right one is fitted. If you provide your registration and chassis...
  3. K

    What rear view mirror will fit?

    So I've had a renault clio 2003 dynamique for a while now and can't seem to find a rearview mirrow I'm 100% will fit. I've got what I think is a sensor pad and has a cap for this so unsure where a rearview mirror will fit?
  4. MaxB

    Bosch aerotwins not contacting fully

    I recently fitted a set of Bosch aerotwins to my MK2 and have found that the end of the drivers side blade doesn't contact the screen. Has anyone had this issue and would it be possible to heat the wiper with a hair drier and bend it in order to make it contact the screen?
  5. C

    Wipers not working...

    Hi, My 09 Clio Extreme has been having issues with its front wipers for a number of months. A while ago they started really ‘dragging’ across the screen, or moving really slowly -as if there wasn’t enough power going to them. Sometimes they would stop mid screen, and the wiper stalk wouldn’t...
  6. R

    Sunroof or Windscreen leak?

    So I went out to the car the other day after it had rained heavily, started driving and strangely my left arm became rather wet. It looks to me like the water is coming from behind the map light and that odd little grill next to it. I assume this is due to either a leaking sunroof or the top of...
  7. Captain Hat

    172 Cup windscreen

    Having checked a few threads on here there seems to have been a little- not much, but a little- confusion over the years but the general consensus seems to be that the Ph2 172 Cup's windscreen is the same as a standard base-model no-electronics-or-electrics Clio 1.2's windscreen and is not...
  8. edwarj123

    Windscreen washer pump

    Hi, So today whether I pulled the stalk to do the front washers or twisted it to do the rear, it sprayed from the rear Had a fiddle, switched it off and on again and then worked ok for a bit. Now front dribbles out a bit, rear doesn't work and don't think headlamp ones work either Presume...